Specialized to Meet the Unique Requirements of Banks and other Financial Institutions.

The Pacific Northwest is home to Lee-Built, a construction company established in the 1940’s and focused, for the last three decades, on building superior business relationships within the financial services industry. Clients range from small regional startups to west coast branches and headquarters of Fortune 500 institutions.

Purchased in 2002 by brothers Bob and Troy Cross, they strengthened the company’s focus and its business resources in partnering with the Facility and/or Property Managers responsible for each bank and its various locations. They mastered the skills and protocols of working in the buildings’ public and secured areas. In particular they pride themselves on perfecting non-disruptive construction practices within the financial industry.

In response to client requests for an all-encompassing contractor solution, Lee-Built offers full service expertise. Tasks can be as preventive and routine as roof clean up, snow removal, or changing out light bulbs. However, the company is also deeply experienced in the requirements of the secure, fiduciary equipment unique to their clients’ business such as vaults, ATMs, night depositories, and more. Their processes and procedures enable continuation of business as usual during customer hours, substituting efficiency where there’s often disruption.

Lee-Built has grown its business through trust and communication — in particular, the trust that clients experience when a project is completed quickly, efficiently, and quietly by conscientious, skilled technicians. They believe honest and frequent communication is key to property managers’ peace of mind — whether it’s the status of a large rebranding project, or simply a technician’s arrival time on a service call. Fulfilling that commitment to accessibility is one reason why Lee-Built contractors are available on call, 24 hours a day.

Lee-Built is licensed and working in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah and California. Consistently delivering on their quality promise, the company now oversees the construction and maintenance needs of over 1,300 branches at multiple financial institutions. Lee-Built continues to build its portfolio of satisfied clientele for all the facility requirements of growing and changing financial institutions.