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Parking Lot Services: Prioritizing Accessibility and ADA Compliance with Lee-Built Construction

At Lee-Built Construction, we recognize the critical importance of well-designed and accessible parking lots. Our parking lot services are built upon a strong commitment to ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance, ensuring that these essential areas are not only functional but also accessible to everyone.

Our Parking Lot Services Include:

  1. ADA Compliance: We adhere rigorously to ADA guidelines to ensure that our parking lot designs and installations are accessible to individuals with disabilities. This encompasses compliant parking spaces, accessible routes, curb ramps, signage, and van-accessible spaces.
  2. Custom Design: We provide tailored design solutions that consider the specific needs and requirements of your location. Our team collaborates closely with you to create parking lots that enhance accessibility while maximizing efficiency and safety.
  3. Quality Materials: We use high-quality materials that withstand heavy use and environmental factors. Our goal is to create durable, long-lasting parking lots that require minimal maintenance.
  4. Efficient Layout: Our experienced team designs parking lot layouts that optimize space and traffic flow, ensuring that vehicles can navigate safely and efficiently.
  5. Striping and Markings: We incorporate clear and highly visible striping and markings to designate parking spaces, pedestrian walkways, crosswalks, and ADA-compliant features, enhancing safety and orderliness.
  6. Ramps and Slopes: We construct ADA-compliant curb ramps and slopes to provide smooth transitions between parking areas and pedestrian walkways, prioritizing safety and accessibility.
  7. Lighting Solutions: Adequate lighting is essential for safety and security. We offer lighting solutions that ensure well-lit parking lots, enhancing visibility and deterring potential security risks.
  8. Maintenance and Repairs: Lee-Built Construction is committed to the long-term functionality of our parking lots. We offer maintenance and repair services to keep your parking area in excellent condition over time.
  9. Stormwater Management: We can incorporate environmentally responsible stormwater management solutions to prevent water runoff and erosion, contributing to the sustainability of your parking lot.

By choosing Lee-Built Construction for your parking lot needs, you’re ensuring that your parking area is not only functional but also accessible and safe for everyone. Our dedication to ADA compliance, quality materials, and efficient design means that your parking lot will meet the highest standards of accessibility while withstanding the test of time. Whether you’re a business owner, property manager, or municipality, partnering with Lee-Built Construction for your parking lot services means prioritizing accessibility, safety, and functionality for all users.